NO.1 The vRealize Automation administrator has created a vSphere blueprint. During the entitlement
configuration, which action should the administrator configure to allow users to delete machines that
have been provisioned from this blueprint?
A. Destroy (Cloud Machine)
B. Destroy (Virtual Machine)
C. Destroy (vCD vApp)
D. Destroy (Multi-Machine Service)
Answer: B

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NO.2 An IaaS administrator organizes compute resources into which option?
A. A Fabric Group
B. A Reservation
C. A Cluster
D. A Compute Policy
Answer: A

NO.3 Which step should an administrator take to avoid conflict on a subnet between vRealize
Automation Network Profiles and existing workloads?
A. Manually mark IP addresses as used.
B. Enable DHCP on the Network Profile.
C. Enable the Shared Network flag in the Network Profile.
D. Upload a CSV file with the existing IP addresses and host names to the Network Profile.
Answer: D


NO.4 To improve provisioning time of Clone workflows, the configured per-agent limit has been
increased. However, many of the workflows now fail.
What action would resolve this?
A. Enable Fast Provisioning
B. Increase the timeout interval
C. Add compute resources
D. Increase the appliance RAM to 12GB
Answer: B

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試験科目:VMware Certified Professional 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Beta
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